Assessment and Consulting Services

Assessment and Consulting Services

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluations:

Our comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations include integrated assessments of intelligence, academic skills, and other cognitive domains crucial for learning, as well assessments of social-emotional and behavioral functioning ($4,200).

Early Childhood Developmental Evaluations:

Early childhood evaluations are designed for children ages birth to three years. They include assessments of cognitive abilities, language, and motor skills, as well as social functioning, self-regulation, and behavior ($1,950).

Academic Testing:

In cases where comprehensive cognitive assessment is not needed, we offer abbreviated academic-only evaluations that assess a student's progress in fundamental reading, writing, and math skills. These evaluations may be helpful in identifying a student's strengths and weaknesses, as well as regularly tracking his or her progress with ongoing interventions ($2,500).

Intelligence Testing:

We also offer standardized assessments of intelligence (IQ) with written reports provided within 2 days of the testing appointment ($650).

Consultation Services:

While each of our evaluations include a feedback session with families, we also offer additional consultations as needed. These are billed on an hourly basis at a rate of $325 per hour and may include services such as:

  • special education team meetings or hearings

  • follow-up consultations with providers or attorneys

  • additional written letters of support or clarification

  • school programming evaluations or classroom observations

Financial Considerations

For evaluations or testing, payment is due in full on the date of evaluation. We accept only cash or check, and the practice does not accept insurance directly. Many families choose to seek reimbursement from their insurance on their own after the evaluation. Insurance companies vary widely in the types of evaluations they cover, and families are encouraged to contact their insurance company by phone to inquire about their reimbursement for “out of network” neuropsychological testing. Following the assessment, we provide an invoice that includes information needed for obtaining any available reimbursement from insurance.